Our Pastors & Leader

Rodney Morton

Rodney T. Morton, Senior Pastor

Pastor Morton has a passion for serving, community outreach, and engagement. He believes in the power of prayer and relies on the guidance of the Holy Spirit to deliver God’s Word. Pastor Morton embraces technology to illustrate his teachings with real-life applications. Through training workshops, conferences, and Bible study, Pastor Morton is committed to winning souls for Christ so that marriages are restored, families are healed, and the next generation begins to rise!

Rhonda Kim Morton

First Lady

Lady Rhonda Kim Morton is a passionate educator and advocate for civic and community engagement. She is dedicated to education, women’s empowerment, and supporting special needs students.

Lady Morton graduated from Auburn University Montgomery with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Science degree in Special Education Collaborative Teaching. Having taught in Alabama and Maryland Public Schools, Lady Morton continues to advocate for students with special needs.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Lady Morton organized “Sister Keepers,” a ministry focused on empowering, encouraging, and strengthening women to their full potential by helping them understand God, His love for them, and His plans for their lives.

Lady Morton enjoys serving others, working with young people, and witnessing the gospel creatively.

Today, she serves alongside her best friend, husband, and pastor, Rodney T. Morton. Together, they proudly parent one son, Rylan Alexander Morton.